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Apprenticeship Training - Earn While You Learn:

Apprenticeship is a method of training individuals in a trade using a combination of on-the-job skills development and classroom/lab related instruction. There are both union and non-union programs. Apprenticeship training programs in Florida operate in accordance with federal and state laws and rules. Apprenticeship training offers the individual a chance to "earn while you learn." In addition to a paid 40 hour on-the-job training work week under the supervision of a journeyperson, apprentices are required to attend related training on selected evenings and/or weekends. 

Wage increases are granted as the apprentice gains time in training and acquires experience. 

Apprenticeship training programs vary in length depending on the trade and can take from three to five years to complete.

Atlantic Technical College serves as the Apprenticeship LEA (Local Educational Agency) for Broward County Public Schools, and coordinates the largest apprenticeship training program in Florida.

Apprenticeship Training Programs at Broward County Public Schools include:

Program Union Non-Union
A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Technology 561-842-1063 954-325-9112
Brick & Block Masonry 561-689-2205 561-215-7668
Carpentry 954-739-9200 954-693-9322
Commercial Sign, Design & Fabrication 561-842-1063  
Electrician 954-523-4400
Electric Meter Repairer 561-842-1063  
Elevator Constructor / Mechanic 561-842-1063  
Geodetic Computator   561-842-1063
Glazing 954-946-9310  
Heavy Equipment Operations 954-434-8309  
Industrial Machinery Maintenance (Piledrivers) 954-325-1496  
Industrial Pipefitter (Sprinkler Fitter) 904-260-1312  
Line Erector 561-586-1740 954-580-2950
Maintenance Repairer, Building   954-556-4100 Ext 1405
Painting / Decorating 954-946-9310 561-842-1063
Plastering 561-689-2205  
Plumbing Technology 954-525-8355
Structural Steel Work 954-524-3352
Surveying & Mapping Technology 561-842-1063  
Tile Setting 561-689-2205  

Upon completion of an Apprenticeship program and meeting eligibility requirements, students may be able to transfer college credits to Broward Community College toward an AS Degree. 

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