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Hemodialysis Technician

The Hemodialysis Technician Training program is designed to prepare students for employment as hemodialysis technicians or dialysis technicians.

The dialysis technician help patients with end stage renal disease (permanent kidney failure) receive safe and effective dialysis treatments by learning what dialysis is, how it is performed and how to properly use and maintain dialysis equipment to ensure the highest quality of care for these patients.

Hemodialysis Technician Training includes such topics as:

  • Anatomy & physiology of the renal system
  • Infection control and standard precautions
  • Maintenance and performance of dialysis equipment
  • Procedural clinical proficiency
  • Psychosocial aspects of renal failure
  • Quality assurance and safety
  • Renal failure and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  • Uremia

Hemodialysis Technician students are introduced to a clinical setting and work along side a professional. Emphasis is placed on the skills and techniques used in dialysis, the proper use of dialysis equipment, and maintaining a safe and aseptic environment of the patient.

Completion Time:
The length of this program is 600 hours (approximately 6 months).

Industry Certification & State Credential Exams:
Students will be prepared to take an approved state and/or nationally recognized industry certification or licensure exam in their field of study.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING REGISTRATION: High School Diploma or equivalency required for admission to this program.
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Students enrolling in any Health Science Education program must undergo a Level II criminal background check and drug screening, per the Joint Commission. Students who do not have a valid social security number may encounter difficulty with certain state licensing agencies and registries. Contact the program counselor for specific information.

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